Album Info

April 23, 2007
Dream Catcher Records
Pop/Rock, British Folk-Rock, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Folk, British Folk

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Track Listing

  1. Walk Awhile [Live]
  2. Banks of the Sweet Primroses [Live]
  3. Happy Man [Live]
  4. The Crowd [Live]
  5. My Love Is in America [Live]
  6. Madeleine [Live]
  7. Deserter [Live]
  8. Medley: Everything But the Skirl [Live]
  9. Medley: Let There Be Drums [Live]
  10. Talking About My Love [Live]
  11. Light of Day [Live]
  12. Portmeirion [Live]
  13. Crazy Man Michael [Live]
  14. The Wood and the Wire [Live]
  15. Hexamshire Lass [Live]
  16. John Gaudie [Live]
  17. Hiring Fair [Live]
  18. Matty Groves [Live]
  19. Meet on the Ledge [Live]
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