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May 05, 2006
Crazy Music (Import)
Rhythm & Blues

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Track Listing

  1. Mr. Jones
  2. Beer Drinkinâ' People
  3. The Story Behind the Story
  4. Countinâ' Highway Signs
  5. I Ainâ't No Fool
  6. Iâ'll Be Loving You
  7. Just Strangers
  8. Does He Know About Me
  9. Donâ't Mess with an Angel
  10. Song of Home
  11. Kid at the Bar
  12. Thereâ'll Never Be a Better Night
  13. Fool of the Year
  14. It Takes Love
  15. Honky Tonk Country (Demo)
  16. Darlene
  17. Midnight Lace
  18. T.V. Women
  19. Mama Was a Preacher (Demo)
  20. Daddy Played the Banjo
  21. Touch Me
  22. The Onion Song
  23. Letâ's Think About Love
  24. You Donâ't Belong to Daddy
  25. Youâ're Leavin
  26. Bring It on Home
  27. The Best of Families
  28. We Can Only Say Goodbye
  29. Gator Man (Demo)
  30. Give Me a Minute (Demo)
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