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at 10:15 on September 25, 2016, EDT.

Mother uncovers lasting impact of baby son's organ donation

WASHINGTON — An ultrasound showed one of Sarah Gray's unborn twins was missing part of his brain, a fatal birth defect. His brother was born healthy but Thomas lived just six days. Latching onto hope for something positive to come from heartache, Gray donated some of Thomas' tissue for scientific research — his eyes, his liver, his umbilical cord blood.


at 18:47 on September 23, 2016, EDT.

Elderly couple separated in different B.C. care homes are reunited

VANCOUVER — An elderly couple forced to live in two separate residential care homes in British Columbia have been reunited.


at 17:14 on September 23, 2016, EDT.

Ombudsman makes recommendations after death of senior in Regina care home

REGINA — A review by the Saskatchewan ombudsman of a senior's death at a long-term care home found that staff failed to meet some provincial standards.


at 14:02 on September 23, 2016, EDT.

Licence, rezoning, required for medical marijuana shops in Victoria

Victoria city council has approved new regulations for medical cannabis businesses, but complying with the new bylaw won't be cheap.


at 05:39 on September 23, 2016, EDT.

Leprosy found in California elementary school student

LOS ANGELES — A case of leprosy, extremely rare in the United States, has been diagnosed in a Southern California elementary school student, sending health officials scrambling to reassure parents and the public that the disease is hard to transmit and easy to treat.


at 14:21 on September 22, 2016, EDT.

Nova Scotia to decide on new emergency helicopter tender this fall:minister

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia's health minister says a decision on a new emergency helicopter could be stalled by the fact that one of the options was grounded last month.


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