BX93 Video Dance Party

The BX93 Video Dance Party is the ultimate fundraiser for your not-for-profit group!

It's Huge! It's fun!  It's a money maker!  
The BX93 Video Dance Party is a revolution in entertainment for your next dance oriented special event. 
Call right now and find out how this multimedia innovation can help you raise money and provide entertainment like you've never seen before.

The BX93 Video Dance Party is comprised of  3, side by side, 15 foot video screens.
When we're not playing hot country videos we have the ability to televise live video from the Country Cam. 
Your BX93 host appears larger than life for all to see as they give away prizes and lead the fun.  

When you book a BX93 Video Dance Party you'll get, 3 giant video screens, concert sound and lighting, hot country videos, posters to promote the event, on air advertising on BX93, a BX93 host and prizes!

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Upcoming Video Dance Parties




  Saturday, September 17, 2016
9pm - 1am
Seaforth Agriplex - 140 Duke Street, Seaforth, ON
Organized for the Seaforth Agricultural Society
  Friday, December 2, 2016
9pm - 1am

Delhi German Hall- 443 James Street, Dehli, ON
Organized for the Delhi District German House



Your dance could be here!

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